Morten Klinte


Morten Klinte is a Danish national, born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark amidst the art influences of his mother, a lithographer and painter, as well as the Scandinavian aesthetic. Morten moved to Kansas City in 1999 and began focusing his energy on growing succulents (some from seed) and turning the backyard of his West Plaza home into a plant filled courtyard.



Morten refers to his work for Family Tree Nursery as an apprenticeship as it was there he honed his skills as a horticulturist and began to see the possibilities for creating handmade planters out of repurposed materials. Morten is a self-taught craftsman and describes his process as that of listening. "Listen to the plant and it will tell you what kind of 'home' it wants you to build for it."

Succulent Gardener

Using materials that range from 300 year old barn wood to newer pallet wood and old dressers, to the highest quality, locally sourced cedar and birch wood, Morten develops each planter specifically for the plant that will inhabit it. The process can take up to 12 weeks, time enough for the succulents Morten chooses like paint from a palette to grow and fill in each carefully crafted planter.

The immense variety of texture and color of the close to 8000 succulent plant types lend themselves well to the handcrafted planters as they grow and change in color as well as bloom.


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